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to purchase something from somebody acheter quelque chose à quelqu'un.' to purchase something for somebody, to purchase somebody something acheter quelque chose à or pour quelqu'un.' buy, buying achat m. to make a purchase faire un achat. date of purchase date f d'achat.'
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purchase Wiktionnaire.
Achat acte ou objet, acquisition. Infinitif to purchase. 3 e pers. Participe passé purchased. Participe présent purchasing. voir conjugaison anglaise. to purchase p.ts. États-Unis Californie: écouter purchase p.ts. Récupérée de https//fr.wiktionary.org/w/index.phptitlepurchaseoldid23126746.: Mots en anglais issus dun mot en moyen anglais.
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purchase Definition of purchase in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
A repayment for her husband's' outstanding debt for the purchase of Nordstern is still deducted each month from her welfare cheque. While the purchase was cleared by regulators, it led to such unfavorable press that Green decided to back down.
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purchase définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
The more credits users purchase at once, the less each credit costs. They purchase credits, which are used to contact women in letters or live chat. Hedden was fascinated by the story and determined to purchase the island and search for the treasure.
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us Comment prononcer purchase noun en anglais américain. English pronunciations of purchase from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's' Dictionary Thesaurus and from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, both sources Cambridge University Press. What is the definition of purchase? purchase day book.
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c.1300, acquire, obtain; get, receive; procure, provide, also accomplish" or bring about; instigate; cause, contrive, plot; recruit, hire, from Anglo-French purchaser go" after, Old French porchacier search" for, procure; purchase; aim at, strive for, pursue eagerly" 11c, Modern French pourchasser, from pur forth" possibly used here as an intensive prefix; see pur Old French chacier run" after, to hunt, chase" see chase v.
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Traduction purchase en français Dictionnaire anglais-français Mediadico.
Purchase syndicate Etats-Unis: syndicat de prise ferme masc. Bull purchase: achat à découvert. Hire purchase: location-vente fém. Purchase price: prix d achat. Cash purchase: achat comptant. Outright purchase: achat à forfait, sans réserve. Purchase for future delivery: achat à terme.

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